Eurovision Madness

Poster seen in the streets of Malmö.

Tonight, it’s the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Israel secured a spot after gaining enough votes in Thursday’s semifinal. But I don’t think we’ve ever experienced a Eurovision week this fuelled by hate. There has been two large anti-Israel rallies in Malmö. I witnessed them both, and although it was mostly without incidents, there were some distasteful elements. Pictures of dead children. Call for the destruction of Israel. Chants in Arabic about the forthcoming killing of Jews. One thing that made me really uncomfortable was the poster protesters plastered on walls along the route. The poster depicts Israeli singer Edin Golan with devil horns, surrounded by dead babies. And it’s not the babies that died by the hands of Hamas. No, the only babies anyone seems to care about are those in Gaza. And yes, I feel bad for them, too, but Israel didn’t start this war. Israel has suffered the death of its innocent babies, too.

Let’s hope the final will be entertaining without any political interruptions.