Thoughts on Life and Death

It’s been a strange week. My mother died on Friday morning. I was by her side at the end—just the two of us. Seeing someone you love die is hard, but it also brings life into some new perspective. Things that occupy us are often quite silly. In the end, when we face the inevitable, it’s what you did with friends and family that matters. Relationships are everything. On one level I’ve always known this, but it’s so easy to be dragged into destructive discussions and quarrels. Not to mention spending time on work you don’t find fulfilling. Thinking about my own life, I realise that I’ve wasted too much time on political antagonists online. Sure, it’s important to stand up to dangerous political and religious ideas, but I must learn to prioritise better. I must be constructive. When I take my last breaths, I don’t want to think about malicious people on Facebook. I most learn to ignore the silliness.

Mother gave me so much love. I feel good about spending the two final nights by her side, holding her fragile hand, and telling her how much I love her. I know she loved me too, even when I made it hard. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother.