Eric Wadenius Revisited

To save myself from intellectual meltdown, I have stayed away from the Swedish Humanist Assosiation’s blog—a hangout for angry atheists. I made a revisit today, only to find the latest piece of humour from Eric Wadenius, former head of the Swedish Humanist Youth Organisation. In a comment on an article by Christian debater Göran Skytte, Wadenius writes (in my translation):

Skytte has made himself irrelevant in the debate. Had I been invited to a radio or television debate where Skytte was my “opponent”, I’d decline. He is no longer worth anyone’s time.*

This from the man whose favourite argument against gay rights is that evolution has programmed him—and, presumedly, everybody else—to feel disgust against homosexuality—unless it’s female homosexuality, which makes him horny. It’s not homophobia, I’ve been told—it’s “science”.

For the record, I’m no fan of Göran Skytte nor his very conservative and narrow-minded theology, which, ironically, often result in the same attitude that Wadenius manifests. It’s a sign of modern religiosity that the extremes are so very hard to tell apart.

*Wadenius’s text in Swedish: Skytte har gjort sig själv irrelevant i debatten. Skulle jag bli inbjuden till en radio- eller tv-debatt där Skytte skulle vara ”motståndare” så skulle jag tacka nej. Han är inte längre värd någons tid.