‘Your Tears Are So Yummy and Sweet’


In yesterday’s midterm elections, American Senator Rick Santorum lost his seat. When admitting defeat, he gained strength by gathering his family around him. Today, pictures from this event are mocked by the libertarian blogosphere. Senator Santorum was until now one of the most offensively homophobic and nutty conservative Christians in the US Congress. This has resulted in his name being used as slang in the gay community. From Wikipedia:

Senator Santorum’s views on homosexuality have proved so offensive to the gay community and some heterosexuals that in retribution his very name was co-opted into an offensive sexual slang word, defined as “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex;” see Santorum (sexual slang). This definition was popularised by the American humorist and columnist Dan Savage, in 2003

Commenting on the pictures seen above, Julian Sanchez of Reason Magazine writes: “Man, I haven’t taken this much pleasure in the suffering of a small child in days.” Signature Coach Bob of the Bureau Crash blog writes: “I particularly like the look on the son’s face, as though he just realised in a sudden moment of clarity that he’s gay and that his daddy hates him.” There is also some discussion about the doll Senator Santorum’s daughter is hugging. Somebody nicknamed Scammington writes:

Is her doll wearing a matching dress made out of the same fabric as her own? And matching fabric headband? That is some olde timey Little House on the Prairie style action. Now I suppose the Santorum family will have more time to churn their own butter and organise the next town witch burning.

This comment resulted in a quick remark from Jason: “Doll? OMG—that’s her clone!”