British Experts Say Impotent, Straight Men Might Actually Be Gay

The Sun reports that Dr Geoff Hackett, author of a 28-page report from the British Society for Sexual Medicine, suggests that doctors ask the question. “If a man is in a relationship with a woman and is having problems with erectile dysfunction it might be because they are in a relationship with the wrong gender,” he says.

Or it might be that they simply aren’t that into the woman next to them in bed? Perhaps a new woman, or a man, or both, is the answer? Or just get a Netflix subscription and give up sex altogether?


Net migration to Britain by citizenship (ONS).

“Overall 90,000 more EU citizens came to the UK than left in the year to September 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), but this level of net migration was 75,000 lower than the same figure in September 2016,” Marina Shapira of the University of Stirling writes for The Local. “In the same period, 130,000 EU citizens emigrated, the most since 2008.”