Is the EU Too Democratic?

Timothy Garton Ash:

Critics constantly talk about a “democratic deficit” within the EU but in reality almost the opposite is true. The system is so complicated and slow-moving precisely because it requires the consent of 26 democratically elected governments plus Hungary, as well as a democratically elected European parliament and sometimes also sub-national states and regions. The EU is a permanent negotiation. The wonder is not that it moves slowly but that it moves at all.

I like this observation. I also like the fact that the EU can’t move too fast.

Yom Kippur 5782


The most important day in the Hebrew colander begins tonight and goes on for twenty-five hours. No food. No coffee. Neither Internet not television. That’s if you’re frum. I’m just trying to be good.

King Carl XVI Gustaf Reopens Swedish Parliament

The Swedish parliament, the Riksdag, reopened today after the summer recess. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven gave a speech that contained no surprises.