Hopes of Clean Break with EU Are Nonsense

The former permanent secretary at Britain’s Department for Exiting the EU tells the Guardian a no-deal Brexit would mark the beginning of a complex series of negotiations:

“It is not a clean break: what it does is it takes us legally out of the EU. But what it can’t do is undo all of the very close economic ties that we have with the EU, on which so much of our trade as a country depends. And nor would we want to undo all of the close security ties that we have with the EU.

“And because of the importance of those ties both for the EU and the UK, it will remain hugely important to have those expressed through a formal relationship. In other words, we’re going to have to negotiate—and that negotiation on the future relationship starts with citizens, money and the border on the island of Ireland.

“So the notion that no deal somehow means that we can turn our backs on the EU and break all our ties is just nonsensical.”

Boris Johnson Makes History

Apparently Boris Johnson is the first British prime minister to have been found by a court to have misled the monarch.