Europe’s Economic Recovery Is Accelerating

The Economist writes:

Today, Greece is the only European country that has yet to reach the recovery stage, according to the study. But markets seem optimistic this will soon change. On July 25th Greece’s government successfully sold €3bn ($3.5bn) in five-year bonds. Investor demand drove down yields on the securities to just 4.6%. The bond issue was so oversubscribed that the Greek government could have borrowed €6.5bn, more than twice their desired amount.

Van Ploughs into Crowds in Barcelona

“A van has ploughed into crowds in Barcelona killing at least ten people in what authorities have described as a ‘terrorist attack’,” The Local reports.

Australian Homophobes Warn of Apocalyptic Consequences

“An anti-gay marriage campaign is spreading outrageous lies in Australia, claiming that Pride events will become mandatory and kids will be taught how to have gay sex,” Nick Duffy of Pink News reports.

Some people say gay people are perverse, but no one is as perverse as those opposing gay rights.

The Danish Submarine

“A Danish inventor and owner of a huge private submarine has been remanded in custody for 24 days after the disappearance of a female journalist who had been on board before it sank,” Michael Barrett of The Local reports. “The submarine owner, entrepreneur Peter Madsen, who was arrested on Friday on suspicion of killing the woman by unknown means, denies the charge, saying he last saw her when he dropped her off on an island near Copenhagen late on Thursday.”

This story has made big headlines the whole weekend. And I understand why. It has to be the most bizarre story in quite some time.

Berlin Activists Are Turning Nazi Hate into Art

A ragtag band of Berlin street artists is taking aim at an urban scourge of neo-Nazi graffiti, using love and humour to turn swastikas into colourful symbols of inclusiveness, The Local reports.