Mugabe in Detention after Military Takes Control of Zimbabwe

Photo by Jesse Awalt (Wikimedia Commons).

Zimbabwe’s dictator, the socialist Robert Mugabe, is in detention at his home after the military declared on national television that it had taken control of the country, the Guardian reports.

Mugabe is 73 years old and has terrorised his country for decades. It's about time he’s removed from power. Hopefully, the military will restore democracy and the rule of law.

Human Rights Watch Demands that China Stops Abuse of Gay People

From the report:

Chinese authorities should immediately take steps to ensure that its declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder is supported by meaningful protections. They should prohibit the forced admission of individuals without mental disease or disorder into psychiatric facilities, and establish disciplinary and accountability mechanisms to address abusive and unethical medical and psychiatric practices. Public and private health facilities should not be permitted to provide treatments that are ineffective, unethical, and harmful, including conversion therapy. As homosexuality is not an illness, there is no need for a cure.

Brexit-Induced Brain Drain

“Almost one in five of the NHS’s European doctors have made plans to quit Britain, according to research that has raised fresh fears of a Brexit-induced medical brain drain,” Denis Campbell of the Guardian reports.

Don’t want to say, “We told you so.” But, yeah, we did.