Claims of Kurdish-Israeli Collaboration

A new report suggests Israel and Kurdistan were behind a recent drone attack on Iran. To my knowledge, this would be the first time. But Jews and Kurds have very much in common, so it seems right to deepen cooperation on issues such as dealing with Iranian terrorism.

Gay People’s History in the Workplace

In a new book, Queer Career, historian Margot Canaday studies the neglected history of queer people in American workplaces. Could be an interesting read, but I wish there was a book like this for European conditions.

Sweden’s Latest Opinion Poll


Latest Opinion Poll
Left PartyCommunist8%
Social DemocratsSocialist37%
Green PartyCentre-Left4%
Centre PartyLiberal5%
Liberal PartyLiberal4%
Christian DemocratsConservative4%
Moderate PartyConservative18%
Sweden DemocratsFar Right18%

The New Israeli Government

Spent the evening reading up on Israel’s new government. A depressing read. Nothing good will come of this far-right alliance of Jewish supremacists and religious fanatics.

The View from Above


Travelled to Spain yesterday. This was my view somewhere above France.

Terrorist Attacks Jerusalem Synagouge

At least eight people were killed after a terrorist began shooting at people as they were leaving a Jersusalem synagogue this evening, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The Pope Says Homosexuality Is Not a Crime

This could make a big change for millions of gay Catholics. In a new interview for the Associated Press, the Pope criticises laws that criminalise homosexuality and calls on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome gay people into the church.

Anti-Semestism in Greta Thunberg’s Organisation


This goes far beyond critism of the Israel. “Yallah Intifada” is a call for massacre of Jews worldwide and terrorism against civilian Israelies. Is suicide bombing really what the climate movenment wants to be assosiated with?

Day 1 Post-Gastrectomy

Left the clinic this morning. At home now. Scale shows I’m at 116kg. I suppose the one kilogram is due to the rediction of my stomach by 3/4.

I Survived Surgery

Woke up thirty minutes ago, feel quite good considering I just had gastrectomy. Have to stay overnight, which is boring but demanded. Oh, well, I survived.

The Day of My Gastrectomy

I’m at the clinic now, waiting for the nurses to guide me through the final preparations before surgery. Haven’t slept much, but I’m not tired. Anyhow, I’ll be sleeping soon.

Checked my weight this morning. The scale showed 117kg.

The Day Before Gastrectomy

At this time tomorrow, but stomach will be significantly smaller. I’m not sure it’s nerves or hunger that make me feel strange today. I might also be the fact that the coming three weeks will be my first real holiday in more than half a year.