Sweden’s Latest Opinion Poll

Source: SVT/Novus.
Political PartyPositionSupport
Social DemocratsLeft23.8%
Sweden DemocratsFar Right21.6%
Moderate PartyRight21%
Left PartyFar Left13.3%
Centre PartyCentre8.9%
Christian DemocratsRight4.5%
Green PartyLeft3.8%
Liberal PartyCentre2.2%

Sweden’s electoral threshold is 4%, so the Greens and Liberals would lose their seats in the Riksdag if these figures were the result in next year’s general election.

This Is Why Brexit Happened

A select number of Daily Express font pages leading up to the referendum on EU membership.

Why People Are Meaner on Twitter

Glenn Reynolds:

“People I’ve followed both on Facebook and Twitter are generally much meaner on Twitter, where they’re in the political arena, than on Facebook, where their friends and family are a big part of the audience.”

Swastika Found at US State Department

A swastika was found carved into an elevator in the US State Department, near the office of the special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, Jerusalem Post reports.

Church of England to Apologise for 13th Century Anti-Semitism

Image shows a 19th century painting of Canterbury Cathedral.

The Church of England said it plans to apologise for medieval anti-Semitic laws enacted in 1222 that eventually led to the expulsion of the country’s Jews in 1290, Ynetnews reports.