Nigeria Is the World’s Most Dangerous Country for Gay People

Emma Powys Maurice of Pink News writes:

The LGBTQ+ Danger Index ranks the 150 most-visited countries using eight factors, including legalised same-sex marriage, worker protections, criminalisation of violence and whether, based on Gallup poll findings, it is a good place to live.

Nigeria earned itself a ‘top’ score of −142 on the danger index due to its total lack of LGBT+ protections, alongside the criminalisation of same-sex relationships and propaganda.

Macho Hungary Too Fragile for Gayness

“Hungary will not participate in next year’s Eurovision song contest, amid speculation the decision was taken because the competition is ‘too gay’,” Shaun Walker of the Guardian writes.

Shabbat Shalom

ויכל אלהים ביום השׁביעי, מלאכתו אשׁר עשׂה; וישׁבת ביום השׁביעי, מכל‐מלאכתו אשׁר עשׂה. ויברך אלהים את‐יום השׁביעי, ויקדשׁ אתו: כי בו שׁבת מכל‐מלאכתו, אשׁר‐ברא אלהיםלעשׂות.