Back to Work

It’s Sunday, so a new week has begun according to the Hebrew calendar. Not that this matters in Denmark, where I work must of the time. But I’m working in an office that never closes, so I’m at work.

Shooting at the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm

The Israeli embassy in Stockholm has been sealed off after a shooting at 2am this morning. Patrolling police heard several gunshots and drove to the site. House searches have been carried out in different parts of the city. Read about at Swedish newspaper Expressen.

The Netherlands's New Far-Right Cabinet

“If there was a sound effect for the new Dutch government’s coalition agreement, it would be the creak of a drawbridge being raised,” Dutch News writes. “After decades in which the Netherlands prospered from being one of the most open, accessible and international economies in the world, the four right-wing parties say it is time, in their own words, to ‘turn a new corner’.”

The Liberal International Order Is Slowly Coming Apart

Worrying predictions in The Economist:

At first glance, the world economy looks reassuringly resilient. America has boomed even as its trade war with China has escalated. Germany has withstood the loss of Russian gas supplies without suffering an economic disaster. War in the Middle East has brought no oil shock. Missile-firing Houthi rebels have barely touched the global flow of goods. As a share of global GDP, trade has bounced back from the pandemic and is forecast to grow healthily this year.

Look deeper, though, and you see fragility. For years the order that has governed the global economy since the second world war has been eroded. Today it is close to collapse. A worrying number of triggers could set off a descent into anarchy, where might is right and war is once again the resort of great powers. Even if it never comes to conflict, the effect on the economy of a breakdown in norms could be fast and brutal.

Slovak Preme Minister Shot

“Four-time Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer), 59, was shot after today's government meeting in Handlová, a mining town in the Trenčín Region,” Slovak Spectator reports.