It’s Now Time to Fix the Euro

The euro will pose a fundamental question to the Europeans over the next five years, Jan Techau thinks. Will Europe create political unity where economic integration dictates it?

I hope the answer is yes.

The New Rambo Film Is a Laughable Trumpian Fantasy

Something this bad has to be good, right?

“This massively enlarged prostate of a film can only make you wince with its badly acted geronto-ultraviolence,” Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian writes.

Eccentric Interstellar Object C/2019 Q4

Astronomers around the world are monitoring an interstellar comet hurtling through the solar system, Marina Koren of the Atlantic reports. It’s the second time in less than two years that an object from another star swing by.

The Blame Game Is On

British the Brexit czar Stephen Barclay says EU must take risks with Irish border, Daniel Boffey of the Guardian reports.

As expected, the Europhobic Tories will try to make Europe responsible for their mess.