Why I Keep an Online Diary

I’m frequently asked why I write this blog, and the short answer is that it helps me digest daily life and current affairs. It’s how I record noteworthy information. Opinions are often perishable and always mine alone, and they should never be taken too seriously.

Most Traded Currencies by Value

RankCurrencyDaily trades – bought or sold
1American Dollar87.6%
2European Euro31.4%
3Japanese Yen21.6%
4British Pound12.8%
5Australian Dollar6.9%
6Canadian Dollar5.1%
7Swiss Franc4.8%
8Chinese Yuan4.0%
9Swedish Krona2.2%
10New Zealand Dollar2.1%

Viktor Orbán’s War on Intellect

“Like Pol Pot or Josef Stalin, Orbán dreams of liquidating the intelligentsia, draining the public of education, and molding a more pliant nation,” Franklin Foer of The Atlantic writes.

Sperm Counts Are on the Decline

“A recent study that tested both men and dogs added to concerns that chemicals in the environment are damaging the quality and quantity of sperm,” Teresa Carr of the Guardian writes.

Theresa May Resigns on 7 June

I’m watching the announcement from the British prime minster, and can see an emotional May talking to the press.

What’s Needed to Fix the Euro

Andreas Kluth of Handelsblatt writes:

To survive, the euro zone needs at a minimum: the ability to tax and spend; automatic stabilizers such as common unemployment benefits; and joint deposit insurance. You may not like these things. But then you must be honest and admit that you don’t want the euro.

British Government Denies EU Citizens Right to Vote

“The government is facing calls to launch an urgent investigation into the treatment of EU citizens in the European elections after many people reported being denied their democratic right to vote,” Lisa O’Carroll of the Guardian reports.

Is there anything Britain can do right these days?