Notre-Dame Cathedral at Blaze

Very saddening news from Paris.

The spire has fallen into the church itself and according to people working at the cathedral, all wooden artefacts are lost to the fire.

Notre-Dame was built between 1160 and 1260, with the cornerstone laid in the presence of Pope Alexander III.

Ex-Pope Benedict on Child Abuse

Benedict, the pope emeritus, blames the Catholic Church’s systematic rape of children on the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Exactly how this explains the numerous stories of paedophilia among clergymen before 1960 is an enigma. If nothing else, Benedict could blame it on gay people—or Jews. One thing we know for sure is that he’ll never admit the church has any responsibility for its own actions. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Is Assange a Journalistic Hero or an Enemy Agent?

“Dumping unredacted information is the act of a useful idiot, not a journalist,” The Economist writes.

The WikiLeaks drama is a sad spectacle—from an organisation doing some useful journalism it turned into Putin’s lapdog.

Julian Assange’s Bad Manners

So why did Ecuador throw Assange out of its London embassy after seven years?

Dan Collyns reports for the Guardian:

[Ecuador’s foreign minister] said Assange “permanently accused [embassy] staff of spying on and filming him” on behalf of the United States and instead of thanking Ecuador for nearly seven years of asylum he and his entourage launched “an avalanche of criticisms” against the Quito government. He referred also to the guest’s “hygienic” problems including one that was “very unpleasant” and “attributed to a digestive problem”.

I guess this is diplomatic language for obnoxious idiot who poop his underpants.

Julian Assange Arrested after Ecuadorian Embassy in London Kicks Him Out

The Wikileaks founder was dragged out of Ecuadorian Embassy in handcuffs by a large group of police officers today, the Daily Mail reports. This comes as Ecuador withdrew his political asylum after seven years after he was given refuge by the country in 2012. Ecuador’s decision came after “repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols”.

In my opinion, Assange is a pathetic man who refuses to acknowledge any responsibility for his own actions. Instead of meeting prosecutors to explain his side of the alleged rape in Sweden, he went into hiding and came up with bizarre fantasies about Sweden wanting him sent to America. It’s astonishing that the embassy has put up with him for seven years.