Denmark Bans Koran Burning

I get the good intentions, and, yes, burning religious books is a stupid thing to do. People who burn the Koran are idiots. But freedom of speech must include the lawful burning of books. Today, Denmark made a very bad decision by banning the burning of the Koran.

Great Thurnberg Has Morphed into an Expert on Israel

Greta Thunberg, until recently known as a climate activist, has written an opinion piece for Aftonbladet and the Guardian. She has now morphed into an expert on Israel, but somehow misses the most deadly attack against the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Instead, it’s the usual leftist mumbo-jumbo about evil Israel discriminating against Palestinians. Kidnapping babies—who cares? Beheading children in front of their mothers—why not? Gang rape girls at a music festival—so what? Attacking Hamas—war crime!

I couldn’t feel more disgusted.

Free Palestine = New Holocaust

I’m so tired of idiots who chant “Free Palestine” and fool themselves into believing that it means something else than a call for genocide. It’s absurd. Hamas targeted civilian Israelis on 7 October for the sole reason that they were Jews. Hamas has put into their programme the aim to kill all Jews in every part of the world. They have no intention to coexist and share the land with Jews.