South African 9-Year-Old Child ‘Virtually Cured’ of HIV

“A nine-year-old child living in South Africa has been ‘virtually cured’ of HIV, becoming the third child in the world to officially be in remission,” Meka Beresford of Pink News reports. “The child, who has not been identified, was given treatment as soon as they were born as they were infected with the virus at birth.”

African Drones May Soon Reach America

Caroline Houck of Defense One writes:

On a dusty beach in far western Africa, a group of men hop out of a pickup truck. They quickly assemble a small commercial drone and send it winging northwest across the Atlantic Ocean. A bit more than a day later, it will make landfall over the southeastern U.S. coast—its explosive payload still intact.

Advances in batteries and solar power could make this a reality, warns Owen West, whom President Donald Trump has tapped to oversee the Pentagon’s special operations and low-intensity conflicts.

“In about five years, drones will be able to be launched from Africa which can reach our shores, because they’ll have permanent power by the sun,” West told lawmakers last week during his confirmation hearing.