Shabbat Shalom

Rarely have I been this glad it’s Friday evening. I’m exhausted.

שבת שלום

Election Result in Sweden and New Home in Spain

The view from my balcony right now.

Sweden’s general election ended with a hung parliament. The former government now has the support of about third of the electorate, but being leaders of the Social Democratic Party, they will do everything to stay in power. That’s their only true ideology—remaining in power no matter what. Their move now is to split the centre-right Alliance to make one or two of the four parties surrender to socialist rule. Time will tell if they succeed.

Table shows the result of Sweden’s general election on 9 September 2018.
Moderate Party19.8%
Liberal Party5.5%
Centre Party8.6%
Christian Democrats6.4%
Social Democrats28.4%
Left Party7.9%
Green Party4.3%
Sweden Democrats17.6%

While the drama is unfolding in Sweden, I have spent the past week here in Spain buying furniture for our new apartment. I love Gran Canaria and the relaxed climate here. I don’t regret buying our second home here, although it’s been a lot of work getting everything done in a week. But the next trip here, which is in late December, I can truly enjoy being in the sun.