What’s This Blog About?

This is how I keep a personal record of noteworthy things. I make stuff for myself and share it with anyone who wishes to see. Entries tend to have a short sell-by date and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Dexter Morgan Is Back

The upcoming Dexter revival is set to take place a decade after the show’s final season, NME reports. I can’t wait for Dexter’s return!

Russian Hackers Try to Steal Covid Vaccine Formula

State-sponsored hackers from Russia are engaged in concerted attempts to steal coronavirus vaccine secrets, the Guardian reports. I’m not surprised. Russia has never managed to produce anything useful on its own.

First Week in New Job

It’s Friday and my first week in the new job at the Malmö Police is coming to an end. I’m tired, but happy, because I think this is the right place for me. With my head filled with new information, I need Shabbat.