Migration Completed

A traditional Swedish maypole photographed by Markus Bernet

I’ve spent the past couple of days migrating this website to a new server. It’s finally done.

Tomorrow, it’s Midsummer Eve, which is probably the biggest day in Sweden’s cultural calendar. I won’t dance around the maypole, but I will eat traditionally pickled herring.

Let Us Drink and Be Merry

Let us drink and be merry, dance, joke, and rejoice,
With claret and sherry, theorbo and voice!
The changeable world to our joy is unjust,
 All treasure’s uncertain,
 Then down with your dust!
In frolics dispose your pounds, shillings, and pence,
For we shall be nothing a hundred years hence.


Then why should we turmoil in cares and in fears,
Turn all our tranquill’ty to sighs and to tears?
Let’s eat, drink, and play till the worms do corrupt us,
 ’Tis certain, Post mortem
Nulla voluptas.
For health, wealth and beauty, wit, learning and sense,
Must all come to nothing a hundred years hence.

 — Thomas Jordan (1612–1685)

Ann Heberlein and Assimilation

The Swedish Moderate Party has a new member in Ann Heberlein, a well-known Doctor of Theology and ethics scholar at Lund University. In an article published at Ledarsidorna on 5 November 2016, Heberlein advocates assimilation. I’m worried that her opinion on minorities will turn one of Sweden’s largest parties into a base for hostilities towards Jews and Muslims. I therefore think it’s worth reminding everyone of what the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities says about assimilation (5.2):

Without prejudice to measures taken in pursuance of their general integration policy, the Parties shall refrain from policies or practices aimed at assimilation of persons belonging to national minorities against their will and shall protect these persons from any action aimed at such assimilation.

“Parties” in this case means the states the have signed the convention. Sweden is one of these states.