Trump Once Again Disses American Intelligence by Believing Dictator’s ‘Alternative Facts’

“President Trump broke with his own intelligence agencies on Friday, appearing to accept Saudi Arabia’s explanation that the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed by accident during a fistfight, while the United States’ spy agencies are increasingly convinced that he was assassinated on high-level orders from the Saudi royal court,” Mark Landler and Eric Schmitt of The New York Times report.

Poland Vetos Gay Rights in the EU

“Poland has vetoed an EU human rights statement on the grounds that it covered gay people but not Christians and Jews,” Andrew Rettman of the EU Observer reports.

Still No Government

“The leader of Sweden’s centre-right Moderates party on Sunday said he had failed a first chance to form a coalition government after last month’s general election left the country in a state of political deadlock,” The Local reports.

It seems odd that a parliament with a 60% majority agains the left-of-centre government could end up approving such a government. On the other hand, take away the far-right Sweden Democrats and the balance of power is different.