Britain’s Government Slides into Chaos

“It is hard not to despair about the state of British politics,” The Economist writes. “Mrs May’s Brexit deal clearly offers a worse outcome than the status quo, including an obligation to obey the EU’s rules for the foreseeable future without any say over what those rules should be.”

I almost feel sorry for Prime Minister May. Brexit is stupid, and getting it right is impossible.

Romania’s Data Chief Defends Forcing Press to Reveal Sources

“Romania’s data protection authority says forcing journalists to reveal their sources ‘is not likely to violate the professional secrecy of journalists’,” Nikolaj Nielsen of the EU Observer reports.

I occasionally wonder if some people can’t hear their own words.

Far-Right Video Game Encourages Homophobic and Anti-Semitic Mass Shootings

“White supremacist Christopher Cantwell, a prominent far-right figure who attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, released independent game Angry Goy II on November 11,” Pink News reports. “In the arcade-style shooter game, players can use ‘guns, knives, pepper spray and more’ to fight against what Cantwell describes as ‘mongrels and degenerates,’ comprising mainly of ethnic minorities, journalists, LGBT people and Jewish people.”

My City Sees Four Shooting Incidents in 24 Hours

“Malmö’s tit-for-tat gang war looks to have flared into life again with four shootings in less than 24 hours and one young man left seriously wounded,” Richard Orange of The Local reports.