I am Christopher Aqurette, the Swedish writer who keeps this diary on daily life and current affairs. I was born in May 1972 at Höllviken, a coastal village on the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula. After education at a sixth-form college in England and two decades of administrative work in Stockholm and Amsterdam, I now live with my husband in Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city and a major port situated on the Sound opposite the Danish capital of Copenhagen. In addition to authorship, my curriculum vitae includes managership, chairmanship, entrepreneurism, court service, and political representation.

I was a mature student with work experience when I earned my Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Lund University. As a practical philosopher committed to the whole gamut of civil liberties and human rights, I devoted much of my academic studies to freedom of religion. In my master’s thesis, I analysed four court cases that have established precedents to examine how the Swedish judiciary has dealt with legal challenges to religious liberty. My results suggest that the courts struggle with religious diversity and tend to judge minority customs unfavourably.

I have written articles—mainly political analyses, cultural reviews, and one-to-one interviews—for several publications, and I was one in a small group of people who, in 1995, founded QX, Scandinavia’s leading gay publication. In April 2000, I bought my very own domain name and began to publish myself online. Five years later, in August 2005, I launched my diary and set about documenting what I consider the most notable developments in arts, science, and politics. The diary also contains amateur photography, personal reflections, and the occasional poem.

My diary is registered with the Swedish Broadcasting Authority. News sources are therefore legally protected and their right to anonymity is absolute. To make contact, tweet me on Twitter, message me on Facebook, text me at , or email me at . If you want to send me something by post, address it to: .