I’m a Swedish writer and philosopher with a Master of Arts in Religious Studies. In the spring of 1972, I was born at Höllviken, a coastal village on the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula. After many years in the South of England, Stockholm, and Amsterdam, I now live with my husband in Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city and a major seaport situated on Øresund opposite Copenhagen.

I have written articles for several publications, and I was one in a small group of people who, in 1995, founded QX, Scandinavia’s leading gay magazine and online community. In April 2000, I bought my very own domain name and began to publish myself on the Internet. Five years later, in August 2005, I launched the diary and set about sharing my thoughts and pictures along with fine art and notable news.

In addition to being a freelance writer, my working life has spanned managerial responsibilities for a technology company, administrative tasks for an enforcement agency, lay judgeship at the criminal court and the appellate court, councillorship in a city borough, entrepreneurship in the publishing trade, and chairmanship of a non-governmental organisation promoting good health in the local gay and transgender community.

I became a mature student in 2005 when I enrolled at the Department of Philosophy and the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University. As a libertarian philosopher with a laissez-faire attitude and a commitment to the whole gamut of civil liberties, I devoted much of my academic studies to analyses of how Sweden’s governmental authorities have dealt with legal challenges to religious freedom.

In my final thesis, I examined four court cases that have become legal precedents. I did so with the purpose of trying the hypothesis that for a custom to be protected by the laws of religious freedom it must carry value in a defined religion in accordance with American philosopher John Searle’s theory of institutional facts, formalised as, the brute fact X counts as institutional fact Y in context C.

My leisure activities are mostly linked to my interest in the arts. I enjoy both classical and modern art, I spend many hours a week on quality film and television, and I have a season ticket to the Royal Danish Theatre, where I regularly appreciate opera and ballet. I read for pleasure every day and have a particular fondness for intelligent aphorisms, in part because I subscribe to the minimalist idea that less is more.

The minimalist approach is something I use in my crime writing, which is the favourite pastime. More than a decade of experience from the criminal justice system has taught me plenty about homicide and assault, but also the importance of pithy and precise prose. In the courtroom, a criminal case is often judged by its presentation as much as forensic evidence—fingerprints on a knife don’t explain the murder.

My diary is registered with the Swedish Broadcasting Authority. Sources are therefore legally protected and their right to anonymity is absolute. To make contact, send me an email, a text message, a letter by post, or a direct message on Twitter and Facebook.

Since privacy and security often is of vital importance, I prefer private and sensitive information to be communicated by either text message or email. Social media is best suited for chatter.