I am Christopher Aqurette, the Swedish writer who keeps this diary of daily life and current affairs. I was born in May 1972 at Höllviken, a coastal village on the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula. After education at a sixth-form college in England and two decades of freelance work in Stockholm and Amsterdam, I now head a health organization and live with my husband in Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city and a major port situated on the Sound opposite the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

I earned my Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Lund University. As a liberal Jew committed to the whole gamut of civil liberties and human rights, I devoted most of my academic work to Jewish philosophy, applied ethics, and religious freedom.

I have written articles for several publications, and I was one in a small group of people who, in 1995, founded QX, Scandinavia’s leading gay publication. In April 2000, I bought my very own domain name and began to publish myself online. Five years later, in August 2005, I launched the diary and set about documenting what I consider the most notable developments in arts, science, and politics.

My website is registered with the Swedish Broadcasting Authority. I can therefore grant my sources absolute anonymity. If you provide me with information and request to be anonymous, Swedish law prohibits me from ever disclosing your identity to anyone.