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Orlando Nightclub Shooter Revealed Motive to Police Negotiator

“The gunman who slaughtered 49 people in an Orlando, Florida, nightclub told a police negotiator the attack was a protest against US bombings of Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria,” Michael McLaughlin of the Huffington Post reports.

Nigel Farage to Speak at Far-Right Event in Sweden

The far-right Sweden Democrats has hired the exclusive Grand Hotel in Stockholm for an alternative Nobel Prize called the European Freedom Awards, Niklas Svensson of Swedish newspaper Expressen reports. Politicians from a dozen countries are expected to participate as a former European head of state is awarded the “freedom prize”. Among those who will give a speech is former UKIP leader Nigel Farage from Britain.

The Sweden Democrats has done much in recent years to appear democratic, but the party has its roots in European fascism and Nordic neo-Nazism with many of its members responsible for violent crimes targeting immigrants, women, and gay people. The party’s new European Freedom Awards is the opposite of what it appears to be. It will be awarded to people opposing freedom for Europeans by promoting nationalism, disintegration, and xenophobia.

Putin’s Propaganda Broadcaster Offers Nigel Farage His Own Show

“The Kremlin-backed broadcaster formerly known as Russia Today has offered Nigel Farage his own television show,” Patrick Foster of the Telegraph reported on 7 September.

It’s very obvious that the Putin regime wants a weak Europe and that it therefore considers Europhobes friends in the cause for a stronger Russia. I don’t think Farage wants Europe to live under Russian rule, he’s just stupid and too fuelled by hatred towards the EU to grasp the severity of his actions.

Russia woos Europe’s Extreme Right. The far-right group in the European Parliament is known for backing Russia against Europe, and leading figures, such as France’s Marine Le Pen and the Netherlands’s Geert Wilders, are seeking financial support from Putin. And it’s not tiny sums we’re talking about. In February, it became known that Le Pen’s National Front has asked Russia for a €27 million loan to help it fight presidential and parliamentary elections in 2017.

Add to this the prospect of a Putin-friendly president in America and the future looks very worrying indeed. The free world won the Cold War, but Moscow seems to winning the lukewarm one.

Fashion Breaks Codes for Male Models

“The new ideal look, the evolution of men’s fashion and the current focus on gender have blurred the lines between men and women,” Thomas Urbain reports.

Sweden’s Embassy in Budapest Sharply Criticises Hungarian Leaflet

“Flyers warning of ‘hundreds of no-go areas in European cities’, which highlighted Stockholm along with London, Brussels, Marseille, Berlin and the Copenhagen-Malmö area, were this month sent to millions of households in Hungary ahead of its referendum next month on EU refugee quotas,” The Local reports.

Aurora Sings ‘Life on Mars?’

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man look at those cavemen go
It’s the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man wonder if he’ll ever know
He’s in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

— David Bowie

Thoughts on ‘Ize’ and ‘Ise’

“Warsaw Will” blogs about English spelling of words such as organize and organise. This is the type of nerdy stuff I love to read. On the subject, I recently shifted from -ize to -ise in this diary. It’s easier and the letter Z is ugly. But also, the European Union and trusted British publications—The Economist, the Telegraph, the Guardian, et cetera—prefer this spelling.

Sweden Plans Wider Police Powers in Clampdown on Asylum Seekers

Swedish police will be able to raid companies to catch illegal migrant workers under new proposals announced by the centre-left government’s clampdown on asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected, Daniel Dickson and Johan Ahlander report. “Sweden made an abrupt U-turn last year on decades of generous immigration policies, introducing border controls and tighter rules after 163,000 people applied for asylum in 2015,” Simon Johnson of Reuters writes.

Tweets Grow Longer as Twitter Shrinks

“Although the limit of 140 characters per tweet will not go away, attachments such as images and videos along with quoted tweets will no longer count towards the total,” The Economist reports. “It is unlikely that the change will affect the firm’s growth, which has slowed down markedly.”

I stopped tweeting some time ago and now only use Twitter for direct messages and automated posting of this diary. The bullying and trolling boreded me, so I quit.

Greenland’s Annual Ice Loss Is Worse than Thought

“The melting Greenland ice sheet is already a major contributor to rising sea level and if it was eventually lost entirely, the oceans would rise by six metres around the world, flooding many of the world’s largest cities,” Damian Carrington of the Guardian reports.