The Germans Hold the Future of the Euro in Their Hands


“If European monetary policy is run according to German national interests, huge structural imbalances will accumulate,” John Lanchester of the London Review of Books writes. “The Germans will then either have to pay to correct those imbalances, or agree that the euro should not be run primarily according to German national interests.”

George W. Bush Offered to Perform a Same-Sex Wedding


“The former Republican President staunchly opposed same-sex marriage during his time in office—even putting the case for a stronger ban in his 2004 State of the Union address, when he claimed: ‘Our Nation must defend the sanctity of marriage’,” Nick Duffy of Pink News reports. “This month reports have emerged that Mr Bush might have forgotten how strongly he fought against gay weddings—by offering to perform one.”

Image: Official photograph of former American President George W. Bush (Wikimedia Commons).

The World Is Changing


 Marriage open to same-sex couples
 Same-sex marriage recognized when performed in certain other jurisdictions
 Court legalized or government announced intention to legalize
 Marriage recognized federally, not performed
 Civil unions
 Unregistered cohabitation
 Same-sex unions not legally recognized