David Cameron Is Nervous over Referendum on Scottish Independence

“The Prime Minister’s comments come after the results of the first poll since a second televised debate showed the No campaign’s lead was cut in half, to just six points,” The Scotsman reports. One thing I find fascinating about British politics is that there are now two very distinct nationalist movements. One is the UKIP, who wants to quit Britains membership of the European Union, and the other is the Welsh and Scottish nationalists who want to leave the United Kingdom and stay in the EU. Personally, I like the idea of smaller European nations joint together by a federalist structure within the EU. As Europeans we both need to recognize each other’s differences and the need for us all to work together. Therefore I like the EU motto, “United in diversity”.

Some Modern Art from the Städel Museum


During a visit to the Städel Museum today, I snapped a few photos of some favourite art pieces. Seen above is Corinne Wasmuht, Barrier (2008).


Georg Baselitz, Oberon (1963).


Walter Dahn, Großes Gelbes, Kopf quer (1984).


Günther Förg, Untitled (1986).


Daniel Richer, Gaggle (2007).