Cultural Relativism Is the Thesis that a Person’s Culture Strongly Influences Her Modes of Perception and Thought

The headline is the definition of cultural relativism from the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. In contemporary Swedish debate, the term has somehow become synonymous to indifference to honour killings and culturally motivated oppression of women. I don’t know when and how this happened, but I first saw it on racist websites alongside condemnations of “multiculturalism”, “identity politics”, and “political correctness”; but now it appears in mainstream Swedish tabloids as a derogatory term. I think the misuse of the term is unfortunate. If we don't see oppression of women and gay people as a result of culture, we are left with the disturbing idea that some possess inheritable evil.

Swedish Court Bans Airbnb


“A woman in Stockholm has been banned from renting out her apartment via the home-sharing website Airbnb after a rent tribunal likened the letting with running a ‘hotel business’ on the premises,” The Local reports.