Ultra-Orthodox Knifeman Attacks Gay People in Jerusalem

“Six people were stabbed Thursday afternoon during Jerusalem’s annual gay pride parade and one Jewish suspect was arrested and identified as Ishay Shliser, who carried out a similar attack in 2005 in which three marchers were wounded,” Ynetnews reports.

Bengt-Urban ‘Bubbe’ Fransson 1969-2015


I didn’t know Bubbe well, but he used to stay at our place when he had business in Malmö, and he was always in a good mood. What I really liked about him the most was he managed to make his camp attitude so normal. You never knew what hair colour Bubbe would have when he rang the doorbell, but you could be sure it would be absolutely fabulous.

Image: Johan Fredriksson (Wikimedia Commons).

The Le Pen Feud Continues

Angelique Chrisafis of the Guardian writes:

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the French far-right veteran and co-founder of the Front National, has won a third legal victory in the increasingly bitter feud with his daughter and party leader, Marine Le Pen.The Versailles appeals court upheld an earlier legal decision in favour of the 87-year-old that annulled his daughter’s attempt to suspend him from the party and declared unlawful her postal ballot of party members, which sought to remove his title as honorary party president.

Bitter sectarianism is a distinctive feature of all extremism.

Bishop Who Voted against Gay Clergy Comes Out as Gay

“Evangelical Lutheran Bishop Kevin Kanouse—who opposed both same-sex marriage and permitting gay clergy—wrote an emotional letter to church leaders this week, explaining his decision to come out,” Nick Duffy of Pink News writes.

Internalized homophobia is the worst kind of homophobias as it makes a gay person actually believe that he or she is bad for being gay. But for this pastor, there was light in the long, dark tunnel:

Throughout our church’s conversations about human sexuality, I was torn. I knew the scriptures that condemn homosexuality and I could quote them well. Yet, I began to recognize the grace of the Gospel and to understand that God loves me just as I am.

Being gay is not a sin. My sin was a lifetime of denying that the God who created me, also accepts me and loves me. It was faithlessness.

Many others are still trapped in the dark hating themselves.