Europe’s Extreme Right Gather in Koblenz

“We are the start of a patriotic spring in Europe,” Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders told the meeting of European fascists, according to The Local.

Friends of an open and liberal Europe should be scared, very scared. It’s the 1930s all over again. In a few decades, people will ask us what we did to stop these movements from destroying Europe when we knew so well what nationalism and racism has done to our continent in the recent past.

Islamic State Terrorists Destroy Part of Roman Theatre in Palmyra

The antique theatre of Palmyra, Syria, before the destruction. Photographed by Jerzy Strzelecki (Wikimedia Commons).

“ISIS fighters have destroyed part of the historic Roman amphitheater in the ancient city of Palmyra,” Jomana Karadsheh, Kareem Khadder, and Lauren Said-Moorhouse of CNN report. “Syrian authorities say recent satellite images confirm renewed devastation in the ancient oasis city, according to a statement Friday from the Syrian Directorate General for Antiquities and Museums.”

Brexit Men Launch Anti-Europe Website

“A British businessman who has poured millions into anti-EU campaigns is launching a right-wing news website on the model of Breitbart, a populist US site, which is also expanding in Europe,” Andrew Rettman of the EU Observer reports. “Arron Banks’s website, called Westmonster, went online on Thursday (19 January), one day before Donald Trump’s inauguration in the US.”

Britain’s far right won its referendum but can’t stop bashing Europe. We are truly subhumans to these xenophobes.