Russian Ambassador Says Swedish Authorities Should Stop Using Cannabis

“Russia's ambassador to Denmark on Wednesday made light of Swedish concerns over a Russian military jet’s alleged near-miss with a passenger plane, suggesting Swedish authorities may have smoked too much cannabis,” The Local reports.

I think the ambassador should lay off vodka for a while.

The United States to Start Talks with Cuba on How to Normalize Relations

“The United States and Cuba will begin talks to normalize relations, including opening an embassy in Havana and putting to rest one most enduring Cold War standoffs,” Brian Murphy of the Washington Post reports.

This is good news. Nature will soon put an end to the Castro tyranny and it’s important that the democratic world doesn’t turn its back on Cuba when regime dies off.

Happy Hanukkah


(Photo by Jon Sullivan.)

It’s Time for Sweden to Celebrate Its Diverse Identity

“Sweden will never eliminate cultural differences by trying to deny they exist or avoiding discussing them,” Norhan Elhakeem, a Canadian journalist specializing in issues of integration, writes at The Local.

Hear! Hear!

‘Muslims Are Plotting to Infect Our Food Chain with Their Excrement’

There was a big far-right rally in Germany yesterday. Kate Connolly of the Guardian reports:

While avoiding blatantly racist slogans, some told the Guardian of their angst over the “demise of the West” due to the rise of Islam or voiced their distaste of salafists and homosexuals in the same breath, or decried the recent decision by local politicians to increase the number of homes for asylum seekers. One group, knocking back bottles of the local beer, talked openly of their fears of what they call “fecal jihad”.

Faecal jihadism? Racists never cease to amaze me. Their stupidity is infinite.

American Police Say Internet Pornography Turns 12-Year-Old Boys into Sex Monsters

“Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles are finding that, among very young perpetrators of sexual abuse—we’re talking 12-year-old boys here—access to porn is a very common driving force in their actions,” David Horsey of the Los Angeles Times reports. “Too young to know what normal, healthy sex might be, they become hyper-sexualized by pornographic videos of abusive sex acts.”

The Cybernetic Revolt Is Here

Claire Cain Miller of the New York Times reports:

A machine that administers sedatives recently began treating patients at a Seattle hospital. At a Silicon Valley hotel, a bellhop robot delivers items to people’s rooms. Last spring, a software algorithm wrote a breaking news article about an earthquake that the Los Angeles Times published.