Christopher Aqurette is a Swedish writer and commentator with a Master of Arts in Religious Studies. All opinions are mine alone.

Nigel Farage’s Speech in the European Parliament Shows How Deluded He Is

I read Mr Farage’s speech at the European Parliament at the Telegraph. In addition to his usual slander and insults, he really wants us to think that Britain is stronger in trade terms than the EU and that Europe has more to lose in upcoming trade negotiation. One good thing to come from Britain leaving Europe is that Mr Farage, hopefully, never leaves his island again.

PS! How is it possible to have Farage’s salary and do nothing about those rotten teeth?

Figures Suggest 57% Rise in Xenophobic Abuse in Britain after Brexit Vote

“David Cameron has condemned ‘despicable’ xenophobic abuse after the EU referendum as figures suggested a 57% increase in reported incidents,” Harriet Sherwood, Vikram Dodd, Nadia Khomami, and Steven Morris of the Guardian report. No surprise, really! What else can you expect from a campaign that has portrayed foreigners as the great threat?

London by Night


I took a walk through central London at midnight. The picture I took with my iPhone is far from sharp, but the view is magnificent. I love the urban landscape.

Post-Brexit Britain

According to Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, the price of free trade access to Europe’s large single market will be retaining freedom of movement with only cosmetic tweaks, Anne McElvoy writes in the Daily Mail. So much for “take back control of our borders”.