Gay UKIP MEP Says Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘False Bollocks’ by ‘Equality Nazis’ for ‘Queens’

“Speaking to the Huffington Post, the outspoken politician claimed the reform only matters to ‘some queen who wants to dress up in a bridal frock and dance up the aisle to the Village People’,” Pink News reports.

Keep this in mind the next time some bigot says he’s not a homophobe since he has gay friends. The homophobic gay man is as much a stereotype as the self-hating Jew.

The Crisis in American-Israeli Relations Is Officially Here

“Over the years, Obama administration officials have described Netanyahu to me as recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and ‘Aspergery’,” Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic writes.

Swedish Government to Recognize the State of Palestine

In an article in Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the new foreign minister writes that the Palestinian State her government is about to recognize will consist of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. Jews are once again expected to leave their property for others to take over.

Jews were forced to leave their homes in Europe after the Second World War. No state agreed to take them on. These European Jews had lived in Europe for two millennia, but were no longer welcome.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Arab countries decided to force more than a million Jews into exile. These Jews had lived in Arab land for many centuries, but were no longer welcome.

The solution for both Arab and European Jews was to seek refuge in the land of Israel, the only place on earth that Jews have ever truly been able to call their own. But this wasn’t enough. Now Sweden joins some of the world’s most evil regimes and demand that Jews be forced out of Israel, too. Shame!

Red the article in Swedish here.

Update: The Local has now posted an article in English about this.

Double Blow for Cameron over EU Referendum and £1.7bn Demand

“David Cameron suffered a double blow on Europe on Tuesday when a parliamentary bill to establish an EU membership referendum by the end of 2017 collapsed and a key UK ally told Britain to accept a demand from Brussels to pay an extra £1.7bn,” the Guardian reports.

So Many Names, So Little Time

“Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s first press conference as the host of an international political summit made painful viewing as he stumbled over the name of one of his guests,” The Local reports.