King Solomon and the Song of Songs


King Solomon of Israel is traditionally considered the author of the Song of Songs, and I have always wondered what he meant when he wrote this:

If only you were to me like a brother,
who was nursed at my mother’s breasts!
Then, if I found you outside,
I would kiss you,
and no one would despise me.
I would lead you
and bring you to my mother’s house—
she who has taught me.
I would give you spiced wine to drink,
the nectar of my pomegranates.

Regardless of intent, it’s a beautiful poem.

שבת שלום

Image: Solomon’s descent into idolatry by Willem de Poorter (1608–1668).

Ted Cruz’s Pastor Says Gay People Are Incapable of True Love

“A pastor who rallied with Ted Cruz has claimed that gay people love each other like cannibals love their victims, and like Nazis love their children,” Nick Duffy of Pink News reports.

Keep in mind that Ted Cruz is now the moderate Republican candidate.

Borrower Returns Library Book 67 Years Late

I sometimes forget to return a book to the library on time, and every time I’m embarrassed about it when I pay my fine. So, it’s nice to know that I’m far from he worst offender in the world. At the Guardian, Eleanor Ainge Roy writes about a woman who has now brought back a book to a New Zealand library 67 years after it was due to be returned.

Stockholm City Hall


I had a lovely walk in Stockholm yesterday morning, when I took this photo of the City Hall.