The King’s New Square


King Christian V of Denmark laid out Kongens Nytorv (“the king’s new square”), Copenhagen’s largest square, in 1670. The king can be seen on his horse at the centre, but the normally well-kept square is now the construction site for a new metro line.

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Thinks States Should Be Able to Jail People for ‘Homosexual Sodomy’

“Donald Trump wants to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court who argued that states should be free to make ‘homosexual sodomy’ an imprison-able offence,” Nick Duffy of Pink News reports.

One thing I find fascinating about the Republicans is the inconsequent approach to liberty. The love to make the libertarian case that governments shouldn’t interfere with private matters when it comes to economics, but then turn the table whenever the issue is in any way related to sex. Then it suddenly becomes the government’s business to dictate the most private of matters.

Needless to say, Donald Trump in the White House would be a nightmare for everyone truly a libertarian.

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha


Last night, I saw the ballet Don Quixote at the Royal Danish Theatre. Beautiful dancing, but Ludwig Minkus’s music isn’t in my taste and the story is simply too absurd to make sensible on stage.