Ottawa Gunman Was Recent Convert to Islam

“Although Canadian police have not released the name of the Ottawa shooter, on Wednesday afternoon US sources leaked that the suspect’s name is Michael Zehaf Bibeau, a 32-year-old Canadian who was a recent convert to Islam,” Tristin Hopper and Meghan Hurley report.

BBC News lists some key points of event from yesterday’s shooting:

  • There have been two shooting incidents in Ottawa—at the National War Memorial and inside parliament
  • A soldier guarding the war memorial was shot and later died of his injuries
  • A gunman has been killed in the parliament building, it is not clear if other gunmen are at large
  • Several buildings are on lockdown and residents have been told to stay away from windows and roofs
  • PM Stephen Harper says “Canada will never be intimidated” and will “redouble our efforts” in fighting terrorist groups

This Is Not a Pipe


Rene Magritte’s (1898–1967) classic painting Ceci n’est pas une pipe (1928–1929). I love it.

Britain’s Labour Party Sharpens Europe Strategy

“I want to make the hard-headed, patriotic case for both Britain in Europe and for change in Europe so that it works for working people,” Pat McFadden, Labour’s new shadow Europe minister, the Guardian reports. Sound very promising.

Earth Headed for Warmest Year on Record

“Earth this year reached the hottest average temperature for September since record keeping began 135 years ago,” Deutsche Welle reports. “The planet is on course for the warmest year on record.”

UKIP Releases Populist Song

The only thing missing for UKIP to be complete clown was a populist song with xenophobic lyrics. Now they have checked that box, too.

The Heterosexual Matrix

MaleMasculineLikes women
FemaleFeminineLikes men

Alter this chart in any way and you are queer.