What Will Scotland Do?


In a few hours, Scotsmen in the British Isles will begin to cast their vote in the referendum on independence. On Friday, Europe could wake up to a new political map of our continent. The latest opinion polls suggest a very narrow lead for the pro-UK camp.

Conservatives and Liberals Smell Different

“A new study from the American Journal of Political Science indicates that different political affiliations may actually correspond with different body odors,” Bonnie Kristian of The Week writes.

Jersey Church Leader Claims Same-Sex Civil Unions Would Make Church Weddings Illegal

“It is not homophobic to believe and uphold the traditional view of marriage that has held sway across the world since the dawn of time and is such an important part of Christian life and teaching,” the church leader writes in an open letter.

I don’t think anyone suggests that religious groups must love gay people, but civil unions is about equality before the secular law and to make the case that the state should discriminate against gay people is homophobia.

Result of the Swedish General Election on 14 September 2014

There are a handful of ballot boxes left to count, but this is set to be the final result of the Swedish general election. The Social Democrats will try to form a new government, but they don’t have a parliamentary majority with the support of the Left Party and the Green Party. The neo-fascist Sweden Democrats holds the balance of power. Overall, it has been a sad and bad election for Sweden.

Political PartyPercentage
Social Democrats31.3%
Left Party5.7%
Green Party6.8%
Moderate Party23.2%
Centre Party6.1%
Liberal Party5.4%
Christian Democrats4.6%
Sweden Democrats12.9%
Feminist Party3.1%