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Boris Johnson Can’t Stop Lying

Britain’s new foreign minister has been in America to tell investors that London will retain its trading privileges within the EU after Brexit. He simply can’t stop telling lies about Britain’s ability to cherry-pick from the EU. Why on earth would Europe allow Britain to keep the benefits of EU membership whilst refusing to open its borders and share responsibility for the continent? Johnson and his fellow Europhobes seem to think that Europe is dependent on Britain and thus the weaker party in forthcoming negotiations.

Terror Attack in Munich Kills Several

“A police spokesman has told the German dpa news agency that they are ‘expecting several dead’ from the shooting at the Olympia shopping center in Munich,” Deutsche Welle reports.

Romanian Referendum Could Rule Out Same-Sex Marriage

“Romania has potentially moved towards ruling out the legalisation of equal marriage as its top court has opened the door to a referendum to redefine marriage,” Joseph Patrick McCormick of Pink News reports. Sad, just sad!

Many Republicans Want Trump to Lose

Many anti-Trump Republicans believe a big loss would be the best thing for the party, Shirish Dáte of the Huffington Post reports. What happened to the Grand Old Party?